Demo only available in desktop mode.

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This demo is provided to give you a sneak peek at the introduction to Nix: The Paradox Relic. You have access to the first few areas, abilities, characters, and bosses of the game. If you have questions or feedback, please email me at:

Game experience may differ based on emulator. All emulators behave differently, for example the demo you see above has slightly different colors, and sped up music from what you would expect on hardware. For the closest to authentic experience, I recommend downloading the rom file and playing it in the FCEUX or MESEN emulators.

Note that this page does not work correctly on most mobile devices. If you have trouble playing the game in your browser, or want to play it in your own desktop emulator for better performance, download a ROM of the demo above! (Emulator must be compatible with mapper 30 Roms.) Recommended emulators: FCEUX, MESEN

This demo powered by the JSNes Emulator. For more information check out:

JSNes at github